The Technology

magnesium development biomg

The strength and handling properties of metal with complete absorption.

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A Surgeon's Ideal Material

Mechanical Strength of Stainless Steel

Fully Absorbable

Friendly for All Post-Op Imaging Modalities


Additional Benefits of Absorption

The hardware used for many indications, such as foot and ankle surgeries, needs to be made from metal for strength and stability. Yet many patients experience pain from the hardware until the surgeon goes back and does a second surgery to remove the hardware once they are healed. In the meantime, they have to live with the pain.

This second surgery is often more invasive than the first surgery because of the likelihood of scar tissue and bone adhesion.

The hardware made from our alloy will be strong enough to allow the bone to heal, while slowly absorbing into the body thus eliminating hardware pain and the need for a second surgery.

Where We Are Today

We’re about three years into our development cycle. We’ve done a significant amount of testing in small and large animals to understand the material and we’ve been able to demonstrate efficacy in a long-term animal model in a bone-to-bone fusion indication.

We are currently in discussion with regulatory agencies both in the US and overseas about the ability to perform initial safety studies for the material in humans. We’re also looking at additional developments that are more complex. The initial devices will look at boney repair in the foot and soft tissue repair in the shoulder, which is of particular interest to us.

Magnesium can play a number of interesting roles and now that we’ve started down the road of thinking in terms of a metal that resorbs, a whole new world of applications has been opened to us. We believe this new material will afford us astounding opportunities to solve problems in ways they’ve never been solved before.

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