Our technology is a breakthrough magnesium (Mg) alloy technology It combines the strength and handling properties of metal with complete absorption.

Mg is a common element in the body and breaks down through a natural degradation process as it is absorbed and is removed from the body (more natural compared to hydrolysis of biocomposite / similar materials).  Mg allows for many engineering advantages due to its high strength.

This exclusive and proprietary magnesium technology provides optimal characteristics not found in existing soft tissue fixation devices, including high strength, controlled absorption, while promoting regrowth of host tissue.  The method of manufacturing provides mechanical strength at least 2X that of PEEK, a well-known performance polymer used in similar indications.

MDC is developing devices initially for interference screws for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair along with other applications in knee and shoulder sports medicine and foot & ankle repair.

BioMg screw